Bernardi Alessandro Hobbistica, prodotti di lusso e tempo libero - Tabacco e articoli per fumatori
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Via Neruda, 4 - Poggio berni RN, Emilia Romagna


Bernardi Alessandro | Tabacco e articoli per fumatori a Rimini

This firm is born in 1996 and we works on commercial wholesale market in tobacco’s shop area, toolshop, profumeria and leatherwork


Tobacco per Hobbistica, prodotti di lusso e tempo libero a Poggio Berni (RN)

After twenty-years of experience like agent of commerce mr bernardi began himself business, using his son’s collaboration, glenda and raul which supervise the management’s enterprise.

glenda works in the control of the stock warehouse and like buyer, raul is a salesman and manages in import/export area that is growing up in the last years.

staff has also composed from youngsters and dynamics people subdivided in four main areas: marketing, administration, graphic area and packaging. nowadays we distribute a lot of large using products like bic, ocb, rizla, hatu, durex, atomic, kodak, fuji, arbre magique, dal negro, masenghini, modiano, unilite.

our clients are divided in direct shops and also small wholesalers which prefer to buy in our stock, finding here all the products they sell free of minimum order like all the big firma ask to their clients.

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